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5/5 on March 14, 2018

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  • Very healthy
  • Actually works
  • No shaky feeling


  • Flavor is just okay


This is a very healthy supplement product, and with it you get the Genius guarantee that it has been made with advice from doctors to make it healthy for your body.

Do you want to enhance your workout? Do you want to be able to lift more at the gym? Looking for a way to boost your endurance? Maybe what you need is a pre-workout supplement.

Sometimes the body is not getting the most out of a workout because you aren’t preparing it to lift. Pre-workout supplements are  allow your muscles and brain to work at their maximum capacity so you can get the most out of your workout.

There are so many pre workout supplement products on the market that it can be difficult to know which one to purchase and which products actually works.

To help you make a final decision, we are reviewing the Genius Pre Workout, one of the most popular brands on the market right now. We will discover if this product actually works, and if it is healthy for you.


The Genius Pre Workout (All Natural Powder) has been formulated with a variety of ingredients to enhance your workout and get your body in the best shape possible. So what makes this product unique when compared to all of the other pre-workout supplement systems on the market right now?

The Genius Pre Workout is the world’s first pre-workout formula that has been clinically dosed and nootropic based. It has zero caffeine in it, unlike many pre-workout supplements.

The goal with this Genius product is to provide the strongest connection between your mind and you muscles, and it relies on doses of key performance enhancers that have been researched and backed by doctors. As well, there are plenty of nutrients that go directly to the brain to deliver optimum mind performance over the body.

Most pre-workout drinks on the market right now are filled with proprietary blends and are full of caffeine which is not good for you. They provide an additional energy kick for a brief period of time, but a crash is inevitable.

The Genius Pre Workout has eliminated these cheap and potentially harmful stimulants all together and is packed with appropriate doses of key ingredients to provide an all-natural pre-workout drink.

In many cases, supplements that have been made like this Genius product are often very bitter and many customers complain about the taste.

But the Genius Pre Workout it has been naturally sweetened without any fillers or dyes such as titanium dioxide, which can be harmful to your health. Using stevia, which is an all natural sweetener, the Genius powder tastes great and contains zero junk to put into the body.

Inside of this pre-workout product is a combination of L-citrulline, EleATP, and L-arginine that boost the number of pumps you can do while at the gym by increasing your endurance. This is a powerhouse that boosts your nitric oxide levels through healthy ingredients and formulas that have been completely backed by science.

The main goal of Genius is to truly enhance the health of the body. They are aware of how many pre-workout supplements are actually doing harm to the body and wanted to provide a powder that has been created in collaboration with doctors for a healthy alternative.

The Genius Pre Workout has been built to increase the performance of the muscles, allow for added endurance for a longer period of time, and increase blood flow throughout the body.

Even though it is caffeine free, the formula is still a nootropic that enhances the brain. It will create a sharp mental edge for a perfect workout and keep you going while you’re at work. In every serving, you will be using 17 grams, that fills your body with health and makes your workout long lasting.


  • Zero caffeine
  • Enhanced quality


  • Flavor is just okay

Final Verdict

When purchasing any product related to working out or getting fit, it all comes down to personal preference, the body type you currently have, and your current fitness level. Not everyone should be taking pre-workout supplements before they hit the gym.

We recommend seeking professional advice from either your medical doctor or a trainer at the gym (with plenty of experience using pre-workout supplements). Once you have the go ahead, you can make a final purchase.

With that being said, if you are looking for one of the healthiest pre-workout supplements, look no further than the Genius Pre Workout. The best aspect of this pre-workout supplement is that it has zero caffeine, an ingredient found in a lot of products. With the caffeine gone, you will find no shaky side effects and no crashing feeling a couple hours after you use it.

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