VINTAGE BLAST Pre Workout Supplement Review

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3/5 on March 14, 2018

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  • Provides a smooth performances
  • Increases alertness


  • No niacin or yohimbine


The best part about this product is the two-stage approach to it, that keeps you going even longer than the traditional supplements currently on the market.

Are you looking for a way to improve the results of your workout? Do you want your energy to increase and your workouts to last longer? If the answer is yes, you are going to want to look into purchasing a pre-workout supplement. It is the best way to get the body ready for a workout and increase both your strength and endurance. It also helps your recovery time after the gym, decreasing soreness and inflammation.

If you are looking to purchase a new pre-workout supplement it can be challenging as the options are endless. Each pre-workout supplement is made with various ingredients that differ from one another. How can you tell which one to purchase and which to stay away from?

Today we are reviewing the VINTAGE BLAST Pre Workout Supplement, created by Old School Labs. This is a very popular product with a solid reputation. Through our research, we hope to uncover if it actually works and whether it is healthy for you.


The VINTAGE BLAST Pre Workout Supplement has been blended with high-quality ingredients to prepare your body for a great workout. When it comes to buying supplements, it is very important to purchase from a high-quality manufacturer that you can trust. This supplement has been created by Old School Labs (OSL), known for their continued successful products with fantastic results.

Located in California, OSL has been around for 40 years with a commitment to their customers. They are one of the best-selling brands at a national level with thousands of loyal customers. OSL also has an expert team in place through both email and social media to help you on your workout journey. They make all of their products within California and sell them all over the world through

This pre-workout supplement has three primary targets: to increase strength, prolong your energy, and get you pumping weights as long as you can. This is the world’s first pre workout stages that comes in two stages.

It has been designed to be perfectly timed with your workouts and allow you to have maximum performance at the gym and also competitively. The ingredients inside these supplements elevate your NO2 levels to improve your workout routines.

Whenever looking at supplements, you want to ensure they have been tested by a third- party lab to ensure the ingredients are healthy and will provide optimal results. VINTAGE BLASTPre Workout Supplement has been tested and proven to not develop habits or dependency on the product. There are no banned substances within this product and it can be used by professional athletes in competition.

With this product, it comes with Old School Labs’ money-back guarantee if it does not work, or you are not satisfied. They stand by all of their products fully and you can get a full refund if it does not work for you.

VINTAGE BLAST is fully non-GMO and also gluten free. It is great for vegetarians and is made with no proprietary blends. It has been CGMP Quality-certified as well.

This supplement can maintain your energy levels by harnessing the digestive and assimilation properties to provide a great boost for your workout. With the two-stage delivery system, it allows for a longer workout, and lifts you up during the workout. It also reduces soreness after the workout and reduces lactic acid buildup.

The blast also gives you key electrolytes and micronutrients that help keep you stay hydrated and raise your pH levels. This improves recovery and delivers powerful workouts. There are numerous reviews and recommendations by professional athletes including Breon Ansley, a Mr. Olympia Classic Physique, and Rebecca Stowe, a physiotherapy coach.


  • Two-stage approach is unique and really works
  • No jitters or dehydration


  • No niacin or yohimbine in it; still feel a little tired using it

Final Verdict

Purchasing a gym membership or any equipment for the gym comes down to your personal journey and your preferences. The same is true with supplements. If you are just starting to get in shape, after a while away, we recommend not starting with supplements right away.

You have to ease yourself into this process and it is all about taking supplements when you are ready. The best thing you can do is seek the advice of a professional personal trainer who can guide you along the way.

With that being said, once you decide to start using a pre-workout supplement, we recommend buying VINTAGE BLAST Pre Workout Supplement. It is a fantastic product that actually works and tastes great. We found it really focuses your mind and increases endurance throughout the entire body.

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