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. Improved skill
. Increased strength
. Increased ability to endure


. No noise canceling
. Presence of direct current


The presence of closed ear pads is purposed to minimize noise and not cancel noise. Therefore, if you are looking for noise canceling headphones, then the Halo Sport headset is not for you. Alternatively, some people may be uncomfortable knowing that using this headset means exposing direct electric currents to their brain. This may lead one to find other ways to stimulate the body or brain to achieve their set physical goals.
The Halo Sport headset is a good quality product that’s a must-have for everyone as far as fitness goes. It is very light in weight and has a creatively designed look. It is amazingly comfortable when worn and has earned its position as an excellent training aid. In order to gain maximum benefits from this product, make it a habit of using it frequently. Over time you will start to notice significant improvement as your workout sessions become more of something to look forward to than to dread. You end up less tired and more relaxed after spending a significant amount of time on any given physical activity.
The Halo Sport headset has revolutionized the world of fitness. Traditional plug and play headphones are now under threat. While normal headphones are great when you want to pass time and entertain yourself while working out or at the gym, the Halo Sport headset is so much better. These, one of a kind Sport headsets work directly with your brain to help enhance neuromuscular connection with the goal of registering better workout results in just a short amount of time. Who knew that one could turn a simple headset into something so powerful?
The Halo Sport headset is intricately designed to help the brain work better and learn faster. While these headsets have proved incredibly useful for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, other people with different focus areas can also reap the benefits of owning a Halo Sport headset. Golfers, instrumentalists, musicians, actors and even pilots have given astounding feedback.


Packaged in a convenient casing, these headphones are just the perfect size and can fit discreetly in your handbag or suitcase. Inside the casing, you will find, a recharge kit, cleaning solution, 3 primers, some ear pads-open and closed, and an adjustable headset. For the headphones to work, you need to connect them to your phone. This way, the neuro-priming session is activated. Note that the headset is only compatible with specific phones. They include iPhone 6 and above, BTLE 4.0 and Android 5.0.
In order for the user achieve impressive results, Halo sport headsets uses brain stimulating technology known as transcranial Direct Current Stimulation – tDCS. tDCS works by sending electric currents to the motor cortex which is the part of your brain in charge of movement control. This way, the body, with the help of the brain gets to learn how it can push its limits. NFL players find that they have the strength to make higher jumps, long distance runners are able to train their muscles to endure longer and weightlifters can lift significantly heavier weights than they did before using Halo Sport headphones.
To be able to use the Halo sport headset efficiently, you must put them on for 20 minutes before embarking on your work out. These 20 minutes is the time needed for neuro-priming. Neuro-priming entails sending of electric signals aimed at stimulating your brain before you’re ready to partake in a specific physical or mental activity. During this time the headset sends electric signals to the neurons to get them into a primed state. This primed state, also known as a state of hyper-plasticity is when the brain is well able to learn faster. Your brain stays in a primed state for one hour before the neurons revert to their normal state. One is urged to use these 60 minutes wisely by engaging in an activity they seek to improve on. Otherwise, you may end up not benefiting from using this headset. Keep in mind, however, that if you spent the time training, you stand to make immense gains with the training benefits lasting for a very long time.
Neurons function by sending electric signals from neuron to neuron. A simple movement like walking is made possible through communication between thousands upon thousands of neurons in your brain and your muscles. The brain’s ability to focus the connection between neurons to cause movement is referred to as plasticity. The halo headset helps strengthen the connection between neurons hence better plasticity. The headset facilitates the formation of new pathways which gradually turn an amateur pianist into an expert.
This headsets’ ability to bring better plasticity within the brain is a sure ticket to improved movement. You have better and more accurate swings, strokes and jumps. Numerous golfers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts can attest to having improved their motor skills after using the Halo Sport headset. Incorporating this headset as part of your practice almost always leads to swift, fast and deliberate movement of joints and limbs.
The human muscles are created to contract and relax during movement. Sometimes the muscles, instead of working together end up competing with each other during movement. Consequently, this rids one of the strength to handle a simple task. With Halo Sport headsets, your brain is programmed to help muscles work together as opposed to working in competition. This way you have more strength at your disposal to lift heavier weights or run further.
In an athlete’s world, endurance is key. It is those athletes that are best able to endure the longest that are considered crème de la crème. The Halo Sport headset allows one to repeat specific movements for a long period of time. Whether you are running, cycling, swimming or jumping, you need energy for your brain to work and your muscles to move. This headset, through plasticity, facilitates organized movement of muscles while simultaneously preserving energy. As a result, you have enough energy to take you through intensive workout sessions without burning out.

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