N.O.-Explode Pre Workout Product Review

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. Promotes endurance
. Increases level of focus
. Good energy booster


. Contains high amount of caffeine
. Can cause adverse reactions if one takes beyond one serving per day.


People involved in workout activities that are mildly intensive may find this drink unfavorable. The drink is made to be quickly absorbed in the body before its effects start to fade. People who do not regularly take coffee or any other caffeinated products may find this product overwhelming and a bit much for their bodies to handle. Taking a few sips of the NO Explode pre-workout drink and working your way up is the only way to eventually get your system to slowly adjust and accept caffeine without adverse reactions.
Be careful especially when taking other types of medicine such as those meant to regulate blood pressure. The presence of caffeine may end up increasing your heart rate or blood pressure which may have adverse reactions to the meds. First, consult your doctor before taking this pre workout supplement to get clearance on how safe this drink is for you. Generally, this is a great pre workout supplement for most people. It tastes amazing and has six different flavors to choose from. There’s Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Blue Raz, Green Apple, Watermelon and the most loved flavor is Grape.

N.O.-Explode Pre Workout Review

The N.O.-Explode pre workout drink is easily one of the most popular and effective supplements on the market. With numerous options out there, you can never be sure what you are introducing to your system. With the N.O.-Explode energy drink, however, everything is clearly laid out on the label. This way you know exactly what you are taking and how your body can benefit. The N.O.-Explode pre workout drink is a supplement that helps the body endure through even the most intensive workout programs and your reward is nothing short of exquisite. Make it a habit to include this supplement in your workout routine and yours will be the most enviable physique at your gym.

N.O.-Explode Pre Workout Drink Ingredients

Most of this supplements’ ingredients as you’ll see are meant to boost your level of energy and increase stamina mainly during your workout. You perform well and gain better endurance by taking down the N.O.-Explode pre workout Drink. The main ingredients used in this drink include;
. Caffeine
. Beta Alanine
. Creatine

There are other ingredients in the drink existing only in small doses. They include Baking Soda, B vitamins, and Taurine. The ingredients that really set this pre workout supplement apart from the rest as pointed above.

Caffeine is the main ingredient in this drink. In one serving, there’s 275mg of caffeine. BSN, the manufacturers of this product have discovered a secret in taking caffeine. Caffeine is known to be very effective in increasing the level of concentration. Everyone keen on engaging in regular workout sessions knows that the key to success is through concentration. Without concentration, you will only end up achieving mediocre results. The caffeine present in a single packaging is the same as the amount of caffeine found in three cups of coffee. People who aren’t fond of drinking coffee but want to try this pre workout drink are advised to go slow by taking half the bottle and gradually increase their intake while giving their internal system time to adjust to having an increased amount of caffeine.

If you have a problem with caffeine, however, there’s a N.O.-Explode Pre Workout Drink made just for you. It contains absolutely no caffeine and exists only in the fruit punch flavor.

Beta Alanine on the other hand aids in increasing your level of endurance. It helps to slow down fatigue in muscles throughout the body which explains why athletes make the N.O.-Explode pre workout drink their best friend. If one is involved in a sport or activity that includes intense workout for between 60 seconds and 240 seconds, then this drink is made with you in mind. This is ideal for sprinters, weightlifters, Boxers among others. Note, however, that for you to reap the benefits of Beta Alanine as an ingredient, you need to have taken this drink more than once. This ingredient works only when it is highly concentrated in your body which might require a daily intake of this pre workout supplement.

Creatine is also another energy boosting ingredient found in this pre workout supplement. While some people remain unresponsive to this ingredient, the majority get to find this drink fascinating all thanks to this ingredient. Creatine is infamous as rich in ATP also known as Adenosine Triphosphate.

Effects of Taking N.O.-Explode Pre Workout Drink

The N.O.-Explode pre workout drink works as an excellent supplement. It is advisable to take the drink 20 minutes to 30 minutes before starting your workout session. This is meant to give your body time to absorb the ingredients in the drink.

-Increased energy and endurance

If you are looking for something to help you boost your level of energy and endurance, then this is your best bet. It can be extended beyond the gym where many use it for workout purposes and can be taken even as an ordinary energy booster if you are experiencing a lazy day during working hours at the office. The caffeine in this drink will almost instantly wake you up and revamp your mood.

-Better focus

The N.O.-Explode pre workout drink helps you achieve increased focus which you wouldn’t have achieved all by yourself. This way, you are able to stay on course up until you are finished with your workout schedule. No room for procrastination here. As a result, anyone who chooses NO Explode pre workout drink as their favorite pre workout supplement will realize quicker results with less fatigue.

Side Effects of Taking N.O.-Explode Pre Workout Drink

Despite this workout supplements’ admirable characteristics, it also has its own flaws. These flaws come about when one decides to take more than what they are supposed to take or if one gets adverse reactions or resistance by consuming this drink. The recommended intake is one serving per day. If you take any more than this you will face adverse side effects that can get in the way of your intended workout routine. Some of these side effects include;

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