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Music is a favorite pre-workout routine for exercise enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike. Whether you are doing a morning run or exercising in the gym, a pumped-up playlist can give you the push you need to perform better. While you might be tempted to use the headphones that shipped with your portable media player or smartphone, they are not designed to withstand the extreme nature of training and workouts. Sweat, dirt and rain can damage your standard headphones. You need to invest in a pair of sweatproof headphones that can tolerate moisture and play your music unobtrusively. Lucky for you, there are different types of workout headphones on the market, a majority of which excel when it comes to decent sound quality, comfort, controls and fitness tracking features.

Bluetooth headphones are increasingly gaining popularity due to their convenience. With this type of headphones, you will no longer have to worry about cables disturbing you during your toughest gym sessions. They might be pricier than their wired counterparts, but the convenience they offer is worth every penny. They, however, need power to work, so you need to consider battery life when shopping for your next Bluetooth headphones.

What to Look For In Workout Headphones

A decent pair of workout headphones is a worthy investment. Since you will be doing intense workouts in these headphones, you will need to shop for sweat and water-resistant ones. Standard headphones are not designed to withstand sweat or rain. Some workout models are IP-certified while others promise to resist sweat and water. To be safe, buy a headphone with an IP rating of at least IPX7. Next, you need to consider how you’ll want to wear the headphones during training. Here, the design comes to play. The right headphones should fit with no need for regular adjustments. If you opt for earbuds, consider the number of wings and ear inserts they ship with. The sound quality should be decent enough to enable you to listen to your playlist as you work out. You should also be able to quickly and remotely control music without necessarily pulling out your music device. It is crucial that you consider a pair that is fully compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

We tested different workout headphones from reputable brands to present to you 5 of the best workout headphones in 2018.

  1. Jaybird X3

The team behind Jaybird did an outstanding job blending superior sound quality with multi-sport functionality and extended battery life (8 hours). The X3 will provide you with a premium listening experience. You can choose to wear this wireless fit down your neck’s front or behind your head, then put them inserted upside down, lopped over the back or directly straight into your ears. Once you choose your preferred way of fitting them, you are assured of firmness in whatever activity, however rigorous it may seem. Use the MySound app to customize your sound. Running on Bluetooth version 4.1, this device supports most smartwatches, Android and Apple devices.


  1. Jabra Sport Coach

These earbuds perform excellently in almost all areas. On top of providing you with quality music for workouts, they offer customizable sessions where an audible coach can guide you from one CrossFit move to another. They boast a battery life of 4 hours meaning they will last you during
the entire workout session. The absence of cables eliminates the annoying hassle of wired headphones that can spoil your listening or training experience. If you have been unsuccessfully searching for a pair of headphones that will pair up as your personal trainer, look no further than Jabra Sport Coach.


  1. Urbanears Hellas

If you are working on a tight budget and prefer over-ear headphones that are both stable and comfortable to your ears, you should definitely give these headphones a try. They are designed for high-intensity workouts. To take care of sweat and dirt, they ship with ear cushions and a washable headband. Urbanears specializes in manufacturing competitively priced headphones that offer incredible sound quality and comfort. Weighing a mere 4.5 ounces, you probably won’t even notice you have them on. They also feature a user-friendly swipe interface that makes it easier for you to pick up incoming calls, change tracks, and adjust volume. With a whopping 14-hour battery life, you will use the headphones for multiple workouts before recharging.


  1. Beats Powerbeats 3

If you are an iPhone user that carries your phone while training, you should give these headphones a try. You will enjoy the fantastic audio quality and booming bass during workouts with minimal entanglement. What’s more is that these headphones use Apple’s own W1 chip that eases the process of pairing them with your iPhone or iPod. The 12-hour battery life will give you hours of quality music during training. A 5-minute charge can provide your 60 minutes worth of playtime. To make them durable, the headphones are sweat and waterproof. They ship with ear hooks to ensure extra stability.


  1. Bose SoundSport Wireless

Typical for Bose, these headphones boast an impressive sound quality and heavy bass. They are arguably the most comfortable workout earbuds in the market. They feature a heart-rate monitor and a secure fit if you want advanced features in a headphone. The package includes a shirt clip, 3 pairs of ear tips, a zippered carrying case and a micro-USB charging cable. These headphones have a very stable fit thanks to the winged ear tips. They are not exactly noise-canceling earbuds, but they can help keep you aware of your surroundings. Their exceptional ergonomics means that these headphones can fit even the smallest ears without difficulty. They ship in 3 different sizes and are sweat and moisture resistant. The in-line microphone and remote will allow you to select songs, control volume and accept calls. With 6-hour battery life and a reliable Bluetooth connectivity, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give these headphones a try.


  1. JBL Endurance RUN

I know we have already highlighted the cons of using wired headphones, but if you come across the right set, you will not have to go for the pricier wireless pairs. That is exactly what these headphones offer you – affordability and functionality. With a reasonable price of just $19.95, you will enjoy excellent sound quality and magnetic earbuds. If you don’t mind a pair of cables dangling from your ears, the Endurance RUN is a solid choice.



Most pro-athletes and gym-goers rely on a good set of headphones to distract themselves from negative thoughts. But with many options available on the market, picking the right headphones is no picnic. Please take advantage of our buying guide above to make an educated buying decision. Our list will help you to figure out the workout headphones that are worth your money and which ones to avoid.

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