5 Best Natural Pre-Workout Products of 2020

Pre-Workout Supplement Advice

Pre-workout products provide you with maximum amounts of energy and focus for your workout routine. However, there are so many products out there which are not natural or healthy in the least. Today we will review the 5 best natural Pre-workout supplements of 2020, all of which are natural and healthy, yet still get the job done.

What is ‘Pre-Workout’?

Pre-workout supplements, in their most basic form, are designed to boost your energy levels, endurance, and mental focus. It’s all about having more energy and focus to work out longer and harder.

Top 5 Pre-workout Supplements

Here are reviews of the 5 best pre-workout supplements and products you can take,  that will boost your energy, focus.

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Supplement

Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement - All Natural Nitric Oxide Preworkout Drink to Boost Energy & Endurance. Creatine Free, Naturally Sweetened & Flavored, Safe & Healthy. Blue Raspberry, 21 Servings.
  • 100% ALL NATURAL PRE WORKOUT POWDER. Pulse is a naturally sweetened and flavored pre workout supplement that contains large and effective doses of the best science-backed ingredients, including those found in many nitric oxide supplements: L citrulline malate, betaine, beta alanine, alpha gpc, caffeine, and L theanine.
  • BOOSTS ENERGY & FOCUS. Mix a serving of this preworkout for women and men with water, swig it down, and get fired up and zeroed in and crush your workout . . . and without the jitters, upset stomach, or post-workout crash.
  • ENHANCES STRENGTH & ENDURANCE. This all natural preworkout powder is a nitric oxide booster and helps you push more weight and reps, get bigger and better pumps, and gain more muscle and strength.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK. If you're not 100% satisfied with this preworkout for men and women, just notify us and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund on the spot. No complicated forms and no return necessary.
  • THE MAN BEHIND THE BRAND. Tired of the exaggeration and lies of the workout supplements industry? So was Mike Mathews, international bestselling fitness author with over a million books sold, and that's why he created Legion Athletics.

This is an all-natural pre-workout supplement with natural ingredients and no artificial flavors. It contains a mix of L-citrulline malate, betaine, beta alanine, alpha GPC, caffeine, and L-theanine. All of these ingredients are in one way or another designed to increase focus and energy for an intense workout.

Keep in mind that there is a caffeine free option available, and it does come in a variety of flavors. The Legion Pulse Pre-workout Supplement should not give you jitters or an upset stomach, and it also should not lead to a post workout crash. This product will also enhance nitric oxide production, which helps provide additional strength, explosiveness, and weightlifting power during workouts.


  • Intense energy
  • Ideal for focus
  • Natural ingredients
  • Aids in explosiveness and pumping power
  • Available in a caffeine-free option
  • No jitters, upset stomach, or post workout crash


Start by mixing 1 scoop with 12 ounces of water when first trying this product. If everything feels OK, you may up the dosage to 2 scoops. Drink it 15 to 30 minutes before exercise.

Garden of Life Sport Organic Pre Workout

Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Energy + Focus Pre Workout Powder, BlackBerry Flavor - Clean Preworkout with 85mg Caffeine, Natural NO Booster, B12, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, 30 Servings
  • ORGANIC ENERGY POWDER: This energy powder is certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Certified for Sport, Informed-Choice for Sport Certified, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free
  • FOCUS SUPPLEMENT: We include 85mg of clean organic coffeeberry fuel in our energy powder drink mix to help you sharpen mental focus during your workout
  • PRE WORKOUT DRINK: Our pre workout powder for men and women gives you a fast burst of energy with a unique nitric oxide blend consisting only of organic veggies including Organic Kale, Spinach and Beets rich in nitrates
  • VEGAN ENERGY DRINK: Since Vitamin B12, an important nutrient required for fat and carbohydrate metabolism, is often depleted in athletes and vegans we added 220mcg of whole food vitamin B12 to optimize energy production and reduce fatigue
  • PRE WORKOUT POWDER: Drink our Energy + Focus energy powder 20 minutes before workout

Right off the bat, what many are going to love is that Garden of Life Sport Organic Pre Workout is gluten- and dairy-free, vegan-friendly, totally organic, and does not contain GMOs either. This is a completely natural pre-workout supplement designed to provide healthy and safe energy for increased performance during exercise.

It’s loaded with organic caffeine for that energy kick, plus it’s chock full of vitamin B12 to increase energy production and to minimize fatigue. This product will also increase nitric oxide production for much better performance when lifting weights. This nitric oxide comes from natural spinach, beets, and kale.


  • Provides clean energy
  • All natural ingredients
  • Increases mental focus
  • Increases explosiveness for weight lifting
  • Organic, GMO free, dairy free, gluten free, chemical free and vegan


Mix 1 scoop in 8 ounces of water and consume 20 to 30 minutes prior to exercise.

Do Vitamins – PurePump Natural Pre-workout Supplement

Do Vitamins - PurePump Natural Pre Workout Supplement for Men & Women, Cleanest Pre-Workout Powder Fitness Supplements Certified Paleo, Vegan, Non-GMO - No Artificial Sweeteners Colors or Flavors
  • CLEAN SUSTAINED ENERGY: Clean sustained energy without the crash, PurePump has revolutionized natural pre-workout supplements. Made by Do Vitamins, an industry leader in clean sports nutrition, PurePump is the cleanest, purest all natural fitness supplement available for both men & women. PurePump delivers incredible energy, intense focus, increased strength and endurance, and raging pumps, without all of the garbage normally found in other pre-workout supplements.
  • THIRD PARTY TESTED AND VERIFIED: PurePump contents are tested and verified in an FDA-registered laboratory by Labdoor.com and are ranked one of the highest in purity. In addition, every batch is tested for banned substances under the Labdoor Tested for Sport certification program.
  • THE ONLY ALL NATURAL PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT CERTIFIED BOTH VEGAN AND PALEO: PurePump is the only pre-workout formulation to receive both vegan and paleo certifications, with no added sugars, sweeteners, fillers, flavors, excipients, or artificial ingredients! PurePump contains 200 mg of caffeine per serving (300-400 mg recommended daily) and Vitamin B3 which can cause Niacin flush in some users.
  • A CLEAN PRE-WORKOUT DRINK: For better pumps, more energy, strength, and stamina in the gym, PurePump is the cleanest choice. A natural nitric oxide booster, PurePump uses the purest pharmaceutical-grade amino acids in the world to healthily reach your maximum fitness potential.
  • THE FIRST CLEAN PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT EVER CREATED: Made in the USA by Do Vitamins, PurePump was the first clean pre workout supplement ever created. Unflavored and unsweetened, with no artificial ingredients, no fillers, and no banned substances, PurePump has revolutionized fitness supplements.

This PurePump Natural Pre-workout Supplement is said to be the most natural and cleanest energy-enhancing workout supplement for both men and women. Moreover, this appears to be the only natural workout supplement that is both vegan, keto, and paleo certified.

This supplement is unflavored and unsweetened; it contains no fillers, it doesn’t have artificial ingredients, and no banned substances either. It also does not contain any sugars, salts, or anything else of the sort.

It comes loaded with caffeine, B vitamins, and amino acids. These ingredients come together to provide a great deal of energy and mental focus for exercise, plus it also helps to aid in explosiveness, weightlifting power, and post-workout muscle recovery.


  • Aids in energy production
  • Increases mental focus
  • Increases metabolism
  • Aids in explosiveness for weightlifting
  • Aids in post-workout recovery
  • All natural
  • No sugars, salts, fillers, or anything else of the sort
  • Paleo, keto, and vegan friendly


Take 1 to 2 scoops 30 minutes prior to workout. It can be mixed with water, juice, and sports drinks.

Clean+Lean Natural Performance”Plus” by FitFarm

Clean+Lean Natural Performance”Plus” by FitFarm comes loaded with beneficial ingredients designed to serve a variety of purposes. For one, the addition of maca root, green tea extract, caffeine, and similar ingredients help to boost energy production, energy as a whole, and mental focus for a more explosive workout.

This product is also designed to boost your metabolic rate and to increase fat burn. At the same time, it also comes loaded with a variety of BCAAs and other amino acids to assist in decreased muscle recovery time and overall explosiveness when pumping weights.

Clean+Lean Natural Performance”Plus” by FitFarm is made without any GMOs, it is free of artificial ingredients, it is gluten-free, and vegan-friendly too. The point is to provide the user with clean and pure energy, all without the post-workout crash which many other products produce.


  • Aids with explosiveness
  • Decreased recovery time
  • Increased energy and mental focus
  • Increases energy production
  • Increased metabolism and fat burning
  • No crash
  • Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and GMO free


Mix 1 to 2 scoops in water or your workout drink of choice. Consume 15 to 30 minutes before exercise.

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer Acai Berry

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer Acai Berry (19oz, 30 Servings) - Vegan, Gluten Free, All Natural, Pre Workout Powder, Non GMO
  • 30 servings per container, 0.6oz per serving
  • Fuels your workout with immediate and sustained energy to help increase endurance, anaerobic capacity and mental focus
  • Contains caffeine from green tea and yerba maté plus complementary low- and high-glycemic carbohydrates
  • Vegan and free of dairy, gluten and soy with minimally-refined functional sugars for fuel
  • Informed Choice certified and trusted by sport

If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement designed solely to provide you with a maximum amount of energy and mental focus for an intense workout, this Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer is a good option to consider. This product is dairy-, gluten-, and GMO-free, and it is also vegan.

It is loaded with a variety of energy and mental focus boosting ingredients including caffeine, yerba mate, ginseng, rhodiola, green tea extract, coconut palm nectar, and brown rice syrup. These ingredients come together to provide immediate and sustained energy.


  • Immediate energy boost
  • Sustained long-term energy
  • Dairy, gluten, and GMO free
  • Vegan
  • All natural


Mix 1 scoop with 8 ounces of cold water and consume 20 minutes prior to exercise.


When it comes to clean and natural energy-producing supplements to take your workout to the next level, we’d recommend any of the 5 natural pre-workout products we reviewed. Remember that there is a way to get that energy boost without artificial and unsafe ingredients.

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