How to Choose the Best Pre Workout Supplement

General Pre-Workout Supplement Advice
Are you looking to add pre workout supplements to your routine? If so, read on to learn how to choose the best pre workout supplements.

Workouts come in many different forms. Some people work out for their health. Others work out to beat stress. In some cases, the gym is more of a hobby.

You might be thinking about adding supplements to your workout routine. What can help you boost your performance and make your workout more effective? If you’re thinking a pre-workout could be the answer, this post will help you choose the right kind.

What are Pre Workout Supplements?

You’ve likely heard the word many times. But what exactly are pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are substances you take before a workout. They contain things such as vitamins or even carbohydrates to help boost your energy. The adrenaline you get from taking supplements will help you with a vigorous routine.

What are some of the most popular ingredients in pre-workouts?


A very common ingredient is caffeine. The energy caffeine provides is essential to the rush you need to get through a workout. It cuts the rate of fatigue, keeping your energized for much longer.

Amino Acids

There are three prime amino acids you want in a pre-workout: Leucine, valine, and isoleucine.

All three of these branched-chain amino acids are perfect for muscle health. They keep the protein breakdown from happening too fast. They can also keep you from getting quite so sore after weight training.


Looking to gain muscle mass? Creatine is the right supplement for you. Creatine is in muscle cells. It’s also proven to help increase muscle gain. It’s also great for increasing performance in the gym.

Do You Need Pre Workout Supplements?

Do you have trouble meeting your workout goals? Do you feel tired after only a few minutes of exercise? A pre-workout supplement might be the right thing for you.

Pre-workouts help boost your heart rate, triggering your flight or fight. When this happens, you’re able to finish your workout. Especially since it helps reduce the fatigue that plagues you under normal circumstances.

How to Choose the Best Pre Workout

It might seem like you can pick up any supplement that says ‘pre-workout’ on the front. But that isn’t the case. Before buying the right supplement for you, take a look at these considerations.

1. Why do You Need the Pre Workout?

The type of pre-workout you need will depend on the type of workout you do. Why does it matter? Because the ingredients you’ll need to make sure are present will depend on what your needs are.

Are you running a long-distance race or marathon? Despite what others think, a supplement with caffeine helps boost a runners performance.

What about lifting weights or doing more muscle centered exercises? You’ll want to find a supplement that boosts endurance. Think proteins and carbohydrates.

2. What is Your Caffeine Tolerance?

Here’s the thing: your heart rate is going to increase on its own while exercising. So, when you add any kind of stimulant to your body before working out. That means when you start your routine, you’ll be extra hyped.

So, one of the most important things to think about before buying is what your tolerance to caffeine is. Do you drink coffee on a daily basis? Does an energy drink make you jittery or give you headaches?

Whatever you decide, remember it can be unsafe to pair stimulants with a heavy workout.

3. To Creatine or Not to Creatine?

Creatine, while good when it’s occurring within the body, can be bad for you in large doses. Overconsumption of Creatine can happen because it’s already in your muscles.

So, the question is: do you already consume creatine in from other sources? If so, you might want to steer clear of supplements containing. If you don’t, then feel free to buy the best supplements you can find that contain it. But remember, keep the levels low.

4. Natural Ingredients

Like many commercialized products, not all ingredients are going to be good for you. One thing you can do is be aware of the natural and unnatural ingredients. Look out for things such as:

  • Sucralose (bad kind of sugar)
  • Silicon Dioxide (a non-food ingredient that keeps things from caking)
  • Artificial flavors

Healthy things to look for:

  • Natural flavors
  • Natural colors
  • Natural sweeteners (such as monk fruit or stevia)
  • Natural stimulants

There’s going to be a lot of words you won’t recognize. Which is exactly how they fool you into thinking you’re picking up a supplement that’s healthy for you. Check and recheck the ingredients on the nutrition label before settling on anything.

5. Look for Banned Ingredients

There are certain types of ingredients that are no longer allowed to be in drinks. The banning of these additions is likely for the safety of the of the consumer. Everyone should look for these ingredients. But athletes are sometimes the ones who could suffer most.

Sometimes, the FDA will ban an ingredient. When this happens, suppliers replace it with something that has the same effect. One example is synephrine (or bitter orange). Synephrine is a substance that used as a replacement for ephedrine, a substance the FDA bans.

6. Twitchy and Hyped Up

When looking for a pre-workout, think about the feelings they can induce. Shakiness is not uncommon with specific types of supplements. If you want to avoid this feeling, look for something that doesn’t have too many stimulants.

The point of a pre-workout supplement isn’t to make you feel like you’re bouncing off the walls. If it does, chances are it contains ingredients that aren’t good for you.

More Fitness

For more strength and energy to meet your goals, try pre-workout supplements. They’re guaranteed to boost your exercise. The less tired you feel, the more you can do. The only thing you’ll regret is trying to achieve the workout you want without the help of a pre-workout.

Mixing your pre-workout isn’t always simple. Try reading “How to Take Pre Workout Powder” to find out the perfect method.

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