Is Green Superfood Powder Good for You?

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During the past couple of years, green powder has become very popular among people who pay attention to their health. The fact is that most of us have fast-paced lifestyles and usually don’t have time to cook. Because of that, we eat a lot of junk food, especially those that have almost no vegetables.

On the other hand, some people are just not fond of plants and prefer meat instead. With a green superfood powder, you can satisfy your recommended daily vegetable intake with only a single portion, and it is entirely natural. But the question is — is green superfood powder good for you?

What is a Green Superfood Powder?

Before diving into the details, let’s determine what a green superfood is. Green powder is usually made of a combination of many different vegetables and grains, algae, enzymes, probiotics, and more. It is all dried, then ground into a powder and mixed, resulting in a green powder of various shades. That powder is most widely used with water, but can also be added to other liquids for a better taste.

Green powders have recently become popular since increasingly more people discovered their benefits. A good thing about green powder is that it is entirely natural, so at the very start, it might seem like a better solution than multivitamins. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that green powders have.

Advantages of Green Superfood Powder

At first, it is made of actual food and is completely natural. For example, some people might use multivitamins and similar instead of green powder to maintain the recommended vitamin level. However, note that it is entirely synthetic, unlike green powder.

When it comes to green powder, real plants are dried, mixed, and then ground. Also, most of the ingredients in green powder have a high nutrition content and also have lots of antioxidants and fiber. They are easy to absorb and play a massive role in maintaining the optimal pH balance in the body.

The fact is, with the high caloric diets that most of us have, lots of acids are created in the body. However, consuming green powder will reduce the acids and maintain the optimal pH level, which has a direct effect on preserving bones and muscles in the long-term.

Also, there are various ways to consume green powder. For example, you can make a very delicious omelet, by adding the powder to the eggs before putting them in a pan. Or you can make a mocktail or a smoothie.

Disadvantages of Green Superfood Powder

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned facts, including that it is entirely natural, you might be wondering if the green powder has any disadvantages. Yes, it has. However, these disadvantages are not severe and can usually be prevented by choosing the right green powder for you.

At first, you should know that nutrition can vary based on the ingredients that a specific green powder has. Most people think that all green powders are the same, but they can be very different from one another. According to your current diet, you might look for specific brands that sell powders with particular ingredients, to match your needs.

Also, some people mix the powder with liquids other than water. All of these powders are low-calorie, but combining them with specific liquids, say milk, can increase the number of calories, and therefore make them less healthy.

Another essential concept when it comes to nutrition is that more is NOT always better. The fact is that, depending on the brand, only one tablespoon of green powder can contain several times more of your recommended daily allowance of specific vitamins. Besides that, many labels state that you should have multiple servings a day.

Note that you can quickly go overboard with green powder. When you eat the whole fruit, you know what the food is and how much of it you are ingesting. When it comes to green powder, you will only see different shades of green, so even a few tablespoons might not seem to be enough.

In the end, you should note that the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate these supplements until multiple reports link to severe consequences or even death. Of course, there is a minimal chance that it will happen, but with that in mind, make sure that you never buy green powder from untrusted sellers. Some sellers certify their powders through labs such as NSF, and those are the powders that you should aim to use.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

When you consider the ingredients and all of the other necessary nutrient stuff and find the green powder that suits you best, you should have in mind that it should be used only as a supplement. What it means is that you should still include vegetables in your meal plan, since a green powder shouldn’t be a substitute for vegetables. The fact is that the stomach is primarily used to whole plants.


As you can see, green powders seem to be an excellent food supplement. It can provide you with a lot of health benefits and be very beneficial, especially if you don’t eat vegetables often. However, keep in mind that you should by no means use it as a substitute for the real food since the stomach is primarily used to eating the food in its original form.

Also, besides the many health benefits that green powder provides, you should still be cautious not to overuse it. Since a single tablespoon can be more than enough, it is very easy to go overboard. It is nothing to worry about if you do it now and then, but in the long term, it can cause severe health damage. With all that in mind, use the powder smartly, and you will stay healthy.

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