Do Pre Workout Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

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Do Pre Workout Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

Written by: AnnieWall

Most people who are involved in a sport or work out like to practice proper weight management. There are different ways of making sure that you maximize weight loss as well as build muscles during a workout. Diet is important, but unfortunately, a great diet alone may not help you to manage weight and give you the right energy level.

The perfect diet can be hard to stick to especially if you have a demanding professional lifestyle. Many factors influence your diet. It could be that you are a busy mum running around looking after the family. and your chosen profession can also get in the way of your diet regime.

When it comes to keeping fit and getting the most out of your work out, it could be a good idea to have as many alternatives available as possible. You may even want to check out pre-workout supplements. But, do pre workout supplements help you lose weight? Yes, they do but it is all about choosing the right kind of pre workout supplement.

Best Natural Pre Workout Supplements

Should you take a blended or ready-made pre-workout supplement? While it is tempting to buy an all in one pre workout supplement, it can be hard to ensure you get the right level of nutrients to get a positive result. Buying separate supplements may raise the cost of your all overall investment in supplements, but there are advantages.

Separate pre workout supplements will make sure you get the maximum return for your money and the right dose that you need. Depending on your diet you may need more or less of a certain supplement. An all-purpose supplement simply makes it hard for you to control what you are taking.

Using Micro Minerals as Pre Workout Supplements

Micro minerals can help us to both lose weight and ensure proper weight management. But there is another reason micro minerals should be used as a pre workout supplements. They help to release energy from food and stimulate the center of our cells ( the mitochondria) to raise energy production during a workout. The top micro minerals to use are chromium, iron, and selenium. However, magnesium is another supplement which you should add to your supplement collection.

What Can Chromium Do For Me?


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Chromium is never used to be thought of as a very important micromineral. However, we now know that chromium plays an important part when it comes to metabolizing all carbohydrates. It has the unique ability to stimulate the activity of enzymes involved in the process of the metabolism of glucose.

Chromium can also synthesize fatty acids and cholesterol. By adding chromium to your diet you will help to improve blood glucose levels giving you a more efficient workout, and control of any sugar cravings which you may have. This is how chromium can help you to both lose and control weight.

Taking a chromium supplement is really the only way you can ensure your body gets a sufficient intake. Shockingly, only about 3% of chromium from food is retained by the body. The amount of chromium which can be stored by the body also declines quickly as we age and this is often thought to be behind the increasing occurrence of diabetes type 2 in seniors.

Iron Is More Important Than You Think


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You may think that you are eating enough iron-rich food to make an iron supplement unnecessary, but this is seldom the case. It is the one micro mineral which is used by every cell in the body as it is responsible for carrying oxygen.The major function of iron is to combine with protein and copper in making hemoglobin. Iron builds up in the blood and goes on to sustain the immune system, and most importantly for weight loss, it helps the cells to produce energy. This leads to an improvement in the way the body burns fat and weight loss follows naturally.

What is Selenium?


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Selenium is an essential mineral which is normally found in minute quantities in the body. It is a very unique micro-mineral as it can function on its own or with enzymes. The fact that it can interact with enzymes is often overlooked, but if you are focused on maintaining a healthy weight, this particular interaction quickly becomes its most important function.

Once it was found in all cereals, but most cereals as now devoid of selenium. Modern farming methods using fertilizers inhibit plants from absorbing this essential micromineral. The only way to make sure it is part of your diet on a daily basis is to take a supplement.

What Has Happened to Our Food?

The food that we eat today is less nutritious than it was about 30 years ago. Eating all of the natural foods which contain these micro minerals will only help a little bit. In fact, many scientists have now come to realize the reason we have food cravings and put on weight, is your body’s way of telling you it is not getting the right nutritional requirements to sustain good health.

What is the result? The end result of not getting the right nutrition can be excess weight and common day health problems such as diabetes type 2 and frequent infections. Our immune system which can help us with weight management can’t feed all of the probiotics we need to digest what we eat. This is another common factor which can lead to weight gain.

Taking a probiotic is important, but at the same time, you need to ensure you have the right micro minerals present to feed your probiotics. The only way you can do is take a supplement. Many scientists believe that we would not exist if it was not for micro minerals. It is probably correct and we seem to have simply lost sight of the basics of life.

Micro minerals are the essence of life. They help to release energy from cells and that energy goes on to burn fat, support weight loss, and give us the strength to work out to stay healthy and fit.

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